LCP – Warrenton, Virginia

Danielle and her fantastic staff at OFD, LLC performed magic with our Wedding Day. To know that you can let go of all control and someone you trust to do exactly what YOU would want, not what they think you should do, makes the day so perfect.

There are so many hiccups with a wedding, and so many hurdles to jump. To have someone to do all that work, and for you to just reap the benefits is the most wonderful gift. Every photo of us we are beaming, there wasn’t a single problem the whole day. Only now I have come to find there were plenty of problems, they were just fixed before we knew about them.

Dani has a personality that makes her approachable to anyone, and yet she is always the most professional person in the room. She can somehow balance no-nonsense and fun-loving in the same sentence. She really becomes a part of your family and really seems to take pleasure in making your event everything you dreamed. They always go the extra mile, and even coming from across the country, they managed to have contacts and make great details happen.

Specifically, I wanted a chandelier hung in the trees outside where we were getting married. NEVER did I think this would take literally dozens of man hours. With both myself and my husband working, we never could have achieved that ONE detail that was so special to me.

I cannot say enough about our thanks and praise of One Fine Day.