D. HastingDanielle got her start in 2000 while attending Texas Tech University where she stumbled upon her passion for event planning through multiple internships and organizations. While starting her degree in journalism and public relations in Lubbock, she found herself being pulled towards the event side of the job. After graduation, she continued her pursuit of event management and discovered her talents for logistics and attention to detail paired well with the wedding world.

In 2002, she started her own company and continued working on her professional certification through the American Association of Certified Wedding Planners. Danielle and her fiance, Michael, were married in 2004 and moved to Denmark for almost 2 years while he finished his second Masters degree. During this time overseas, she continued with her event business and was developing brand name for her services.

“I wanted something cute and catchy, but I also wanted it to have a special meaning.  While I was scrap-booking I came across some old high school show choir photos from one of our first performances.  We did a cute dance routine to the song “One Fine Day” by The Chiffons and had 8×10 pictures of Tom Cruise that we all danced around with.  At the end we turned the photos around and it made a big picture of Tom Cruise.  It is kind of cheesy, but the song stuck with me the rest of that day.”

IMG_7296Whether it’s a corporate gala for 300 or an intimate gathering of 30, she is able to bring to life the specific design elements that reflect her clients’ dreams and visions. Working closely with each bride and groom, she picks up on the special characteristics that will make each event truly unique to her client.

Her fun loving personality, attention to detail, and creative spirit help make the wedding planning process fun, enjoyable, and as stress-free as possible. Danielle’s goal as an event planner and director is to create that “one fine day” memory to make you happy wherever you may go in your travels.

Meet the Team

Danielle Hasting
Event Director, Owner
Michael Hasting
CTO, Event Manager, Owner
Sarah Reesman
Social Media Guru, Proposal Specialist
Jeamilette Berastain
Event Assistant
Terry Orban
Event Assistant
Oscar Flores
Event Assistant

Not Pictured

Catherine Daniels
Design & Decor Specialist
Senior Floral Designer
Bliss Wilson
Event Assistant (California)
Allison Remy-Thomas
Event Assistant
Office Support Assistant
Katie Roberts
Event Assistant (San Antonio)
Rosalie Watkins
Office Support Assistant
Kristina Drexel
Event Assistant (San Antonio)
Sami Breakiram
Security, Event Assistant
Marquis Wilson
Security, Event Assistant (Colorado Springs)